A downloadable Emotional adventure for Windows and macOS

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v 1.0792 - minor bug fixes, graphical glitch fixes


  • Official Selection for showcase of INDIECADE 2017 - USA
  • Official Selection for showcase of E3 MIX 2017 - USA
  • Official Selection for showcase of Game Happens 17 - Italy
  • Heat Finalist for Nordic Game Discovery Contest - Denmark
  • Winner "Best Game Design" for TERMINUS 2017 - USA
  • Winner "Best Overall Game " for TERMINUS 2017 - USA
  • Official Selection for showcase of PlayDate - USA
  • Official Selection for showcase of ReVersed - Austria
  • Official Selection for showcase of PixelPop - USA
  • Best Game Selected for Cinekid Digital Culture - Netherlands
  • Official Selection for showcase of BIC - South Korea
  • Nominee for GOUDEN LEEUW CINEKID MEDIA AWARDS - Netherlands

This is a stunning fully interactive story-driven adventure experience. 
Unique interactions designed to tell the mysterious and heartfelt story.
Discover each surprise with multiple endings. Enjoy the fun puzzles!

• Multiple endings
• Music featured by Emmy-nominated composer
• Enhanced with sound FX
• Beautiful scenes and art featured by former Walt Disney artist
• Beautiful illustrated cinematical scenes

12 different languages supported

  • English
  • 中國傳統
  • 簡體中文
  • Español
  • Português
  • Nederlands
  • Deutsch
  • Français
  • italiano
  • русский
  • 한글

BestLuck is a mysterious / rich-story / environment-based puzzle game.

A boy happened to have a girl coming into his dream every night. 

She always point somewhere in his dream. 

Where is she pointing and what does she want from him?

#emotion, #puzzle, #story, #emotional, #atmospheric, #adventure, #interactive, #storytelling, #atmosphere,  #感動, #パズル, ストーリードリブン, #エモーショナル, #アドベンチャー, #インタラクティブ, #ストーリーテリング, #雰囲気ゲーム, #情感,#益智,#故事驱动,#情感,#谜题,#冒险,#互动,#讲故事,#气氛 #bestluck

Known bugs - sometimes, interaction can be little clumsy so make sure to press 'Space' couple times to interact.

This is full released version / Also available in iOS/Android

Available in Apple Store - iOS  - iPhone and iPad / Android
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars
(41 total ratings)
GenreAdventure, Puzzle
Made withIndieCade
TagsAtmospheric, emotion, emotional, Horror, interactive, Mystery, story, Story Rich


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Random Scuffed Games #103


Vorgeschlagen von: winter_fox8

Wirklich mal ein Spiel was uns zum Nachdenken angeregt hat. Sowohl bei den wirklich kreativen als auch teilweise knackigen und abwechslungsreichen wirklich ästhetischen Rätseln. Das Ende ist wohl mehrfach interpretiertbar mit einem bittersüßen Plottwist den ich nicht erwartet habe. Ganz großes Plus für die Musik und die Ästhetik des Spiels, besonders die Art und Weise wie die Geschichte erzählt wird, fand ich beeindruckend.

Allgemein fand ich nur ein paar Dinge leider nicht so gut. Die Kamera hinkt ständig hinterher und ich verliere mich Offscreen, Die Musik und der "Limbo" könnte noch ein bisschen abwechslungsreicher sein, da es aufgrund des Nebels bzw. des Sfumato teilweise schwierig war auszumachen wo man sich gerade befindet. Klar, dafür hilft der Geist, allerdings wäre es glaube ich auch nicht verkehrt eine Möglichkeit hinzuzufügen, dass die Kamera sich wieder auf den Spieler zentriert. Also relativ easy gefixt.#

Die Rätsel fand ich wirklich stak


Dito: 4.6/5

Chat: 3.65/5

Gesamt: 4.13/5

google play link is dead

(2 edits) (-3)

Men i remember this game out of nowhere and was like let me get it i allready donated anyway, so it should be free for me but now its 3$, men ma broke ass cant pay again i don't even remember how dis game plays why would i buy it again? granted i didn't "buy" the game the first time only donated, this makes me sad cus this is such a cool loking game buy i am not gona rebuy it cus this is no skyrim that people buy 50 times.

Edit:- i didn't have a account back then i made this account just so i can say how stupid this is.

Hi I really like your game, I'd love to interview you about it for my university assignment . Can I have your email to send you my questions?

Hello Sure, I will send you private message!

its fkkcloud @ gmail

MacOS bug: at the ending door, whether I tap the screen or press space button, the girl didn't move at all, I stucked, pls fix this bug.

Good game though.

*spoliler alert* the girl stop but if you press the tab again, the girl should resume moving but if you tab again, she will stop again. Basically you are letting her go was the point. See if that works and let me know if it still does not - fkkcloud@gmail.com

Thank you!!

It didn't work, However, I pressed tab and space, The girl doesn't move at all, and my friend who uses a different macOS computer has the same issue, What is the "Tab" button you mentioned, tab or space or some other button. 

ok, I will definitely fix this bug this week. Thanks for the report!

Deleted 2 years ago

BestLuck is featured as Game Of The Day!


Man I want to play this game so badly. Looks so beautiful, but I am getting a payment can't be processed error.

I just played it with my girlfriend. Really sweet game! We're now discussing what we think happened in the story :-)

Deleted 5 years ago
Deleted 5 years ago

BestLuck is really amazing game! :D  

A game that can be played over and over again  ^^

(1 edit)

Beautiful game! Played it on my channel! (Though I think it bugged out a bit for me toward the end lol). Would love to see you develop more in the future! :)

First off, huge thanks for the review copy of the game! I streamed it yesterday, and I really enjoyed the game, except for that one puzzle, haha, but overall it's a real good game! If you wanna check out the stream, here's the VOD:

It's brilliant! Now I'm hyped for the full version haha ^ ^

Hello, played this on my channel and feel like it is really beautiful and atmospheric. Definitely will try your other stuff too. Thank you for making this!

can i play this with keyboard? Does it need any other requirements?

Yes, it is playable with keyboard. That's all you need to play.

Amazing shaders!

loved this game.. so beautiful


What an amazing game. It's raw and complex at the same time. What a beautiful journey.

Loved the concept and cant wait to see more of this game!  

This Game is so Amazing! ^^ Greets Martin

Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I played your game and I loved it! I'm really looking forward to being able to buy it. 


This gqme is great I love it. It was funny and mysterious and full of amazing surprises!! I also loved the feeling and atmosphere this game gave!! I CAN'T FOR THE FULL VERSION!!


This is awesome. I loved how the puzzles were structured and the atmosphere was amazing. The whole feel of the game was A+. Can't wait for the full version!

I had an opportunity to record and upload a playthough of this demo, and I loved it! I'm always a big fan of games with stylized graphics, and puzzles are definitely my thing! The idea of it being in a dream also appeals to me because I am a fairly lucid dreamer. I cannot wait for the full game to launch! Thank you for making this, and I hope to see more from you! :)

Great stuff, crisp visual style and neat ideas. Definitely keeping an eye on the project as it develops!

Hi! Really interesting  game, I love the ambience. But yet, still a challenge! Great job, and keep going!

Deleted post

Are we just a slave to the dream?

Great game man! Intriguing and enjoyable gameplay, alongside beautifully designed levels and a charming art style, a treat for the eyes and the mind as well :D

I made a video playing your game:

if you want to check, best of luck for the full release, I'd be glad to play more, cheers!


A testament to thoughtful game design! Such a lovely job you've done here. Congrats on all of the praise. It's well deserved. I really enjoyed the demo and I'm looking forward to playing the full release! I added it to my latest list at #3 (not a ranking, just the position). Good luck with future development!

This game was really damn good and now i know why it got so many rewards around the globe.
Although i was "shocked" that it ended in that way :)
I had a little "bug" i think where the woman jsut dissapeared after the final act, you were able to see the bubbles around her but not her.
Please finish the game as fast as possible i need more of it!!!

This demo was really awesome, and made me so excited to find out more about the story! 

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