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over 110k view of BestLuck gameplay here

I love this game! It has such a cool atmosphere throughout and the music and visuals are so pleasing! I can't wait for more!

This has got to be probably the coolest game I have played on here! I love the visuals, music and just about everything about it! I can't wait to see more!

I like the concept, looking forward to seeing it fleshed out a little further.

weslisard gaming


Magnificent emotion

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(THIS IS VERY OLD VERSION BTW) Found this on youtube :)

Just played your game, it was gorgeous and i want more! the ghost lady kinda creeped me out tho.

Very promising idea which i definitely would want to see being completed as a full game!Thanks for sharing with us your work :) Here is my let's play:


thank you for posting a video for a short demo! :)

this is an interesting game!! With a little fidgeting with the controls, it was easy to maneuver through. definitely gives a spooky vibe! I wonder if the puzzles you go through, are like hints to lead up to the full story? that would be an interesting concept. anyways, Keep up the good work!! I love it so far!!

Hello, this is BestLuck developer. thanks for playing the game! There will be some update towards April so please keep an eye on it :) Thanks!

This Game was definitly very interesting, I had a great time playing it and i look forward to more on it, Keep up the great work! The concept of the puzzles is flawless!

more updates are coming soon-! Thanks for playing :)

defietly looking forward to it!

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A very interesting game heres my personal lets play and ending thoughts,

thank you for playing Bestluck

A very good game. I think it has a lot of potential. I would like to support you on this game. :)

Hey, Jonbre01,

Thank you, I am working hard on the puzzles and story implementation lately. Its coming in March 2017 so keep your eyes on it :)

Thank you for giving a chance to play this awesome prototype. I feel this game has big potentiality that develop further and want to see update soon.

  • Core mechanic: Follows a girl in my dream

Based on playing the short demo, it was not a traditional puzzle game. It is an absolutely fresh genre and concept.

I don't know what will be happened next scene. What if the girl suddenly disappears the other night? What will be happened if I follow the girl every night? What does the girl actually want from me? What if I don't like her and I want to go my own way.

Core mechanic of game is really awesome in the situation that I have only few instructions and clues.

Also, Best Luck as a title looks so cool that need to be lucky in uncertain environment.

  • Loop: moves to the spot pointed by the girl -> solves the problem with luck -> gains some rewards or clues, then moves again

It feels enough based on current version. However, in my personal opinion, it will be better to have features that interact with other users to attract massive players. While a user play solo in a dream, the user can see other users when not in a dream. It will be possible to get helped from others.

Also, everyone has different dream. It will be cool if the girl inside game acts differently based on how to play. For example, a face expression of girl can be sad if a player can't find a direction in proper time.

Thanks for showing early demo again. I even want to get involved in this project!

Hello there jaehol!

Glad you liked the current state of the tech demo and awesome feedbacks!!

If you want to play the latest build which might not be submitted to until the release, please msg me / fb me / twitter me through the link :) Definitely want to have some game-testers!

This concept is incredible and I sincerely hope the developer expands on this!

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Awesome video!! Its great to see a person's face going through the puzzles in my game..! hahaha

I have new build with 6 more puzzles which might not be uploaded into until the release. If you want to try the build, please msg/fb/twit me through the link! :)


Just want to say a few words about this nice experience.

First of all, the demo is really neat, I liked it and was a little sad because of how soon it ends.

The strongest side of this concept is visuals. It has this low poly look to it that always goes with the whole puzzle-solving-relaxing type of games. Calm and arty lighting adds to mysterious atmosphere

Talking about that type of game that this demo is, the whole puzzle solving isn't that hard at all but it shows its puzzle concept. For now, it's all in illusions and views prospectives which are great and always most curious.

There are no big technical questions about gameplay because it's pretty simple, so I won't say anything about it

All 'n all, I'm really looking forward to the continuation! :D

I did a video on a demo if you're interested to see some real life reactions to it:

Hey moshyfawn! Thanks for playing my early tech demo :)

Your video was definitely interesting and hope to see you playing my game again.

Hey there I hope this game goes further I would love to see more, I've played this on my channel and had a lot of fun doing so


Hey Samillennium, definitely enjoyed your recording. Good to know that you had fun time playing it!

I think this is great. Love this music and sound fxs :) Oh! And that graphic is awesome. It's so mysterious.


Thank you Adam :) Yeah its coming along nicely and looking forward to update soon!

My friend, this is an awesome concept, and you've done a great job establishing the concept. Art style is rad, and I feel drawn into the game world. I feel a personal investment in the events that transpire within this early prototype and it's easy to tell you're building something incredible. Good luck with the project, or should I say BestLuck!

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thank you for your kind feedback. I will get this ready around March this year and hope lots of people enjoy what I will be enjoying making.

Hey there!

I was so disappointed to see the demo ending this soon, it was so interesting :(

The puzzle aspects of this game are AWESOME, i love perspective based puzzles like this game offers, can't wait to see how the next puzzles will look like! :)

My Let's Play video of this demo:


Hi this is BestLuck developer. Thanks for playing the game and hope you like the next update as well :) !!

friend from facebook sent me feedback about playing the short gameplay demo


Me: What button do I hit to skip the text!? I'm trying everthing?!

gf: *hits spacebar to skip text*


gf: so pretty

Me: I love this navigation system


*we solve the door puzzle*


you jumpscared us with a demo hahaha

also we were mad when it ended, I wanted to walk though the arches. Overall I give it

IGN 8.5/10

*great graphics
*emotional story
*the pointing moved me

-jumpscares made me drop food
-voice acting was too quiet
-want more


Thanks for sharing Raphael :)

A really fucking relaxing game, loved it

thanks for posting it again Angry! love your 18+ humors

A really interesting concept. Can't wait to see more! I don't know if the ability to skip certain puzzles was intended though as I accidentally skipped the male/female door one and went straight to the set of 6 doors on my first go.

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Hello, I appreciate playing the game and video uploading :) It should not let you skip actually but I did not set any boundary so.. well! Updates will come soon :)

This was dope my dude. Really looking forward to playing the rest of it :)

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thanks! looking forward to updating next build :)

Really like the puzzles and the art style, can't wait for the full game!!

Hi, thanks for playing the game :) video looks awesome!

Really enjoyed this. Relaxing atmosphere, nice music, puzzles. What more could a girl ask for?

I loved how you have to look through to doors to see the answers to the one puzzle. Can't wait to see more :)

Hi Bellannmae, thanks for enjoying the gameplay. Can't wait to update the next version :)

Really wish this game was longer, really liked the puzzle aspects in it!

thank you for playing and I guess you are the fastest gameplay puzzle solver so far..! ghost puxxx is best puxxx made my day! :)

Really wish this game was longer, really liked the puzzle aspects in it!

I think this one is duplicated post but thanks!!

I'm hightly interested in this game, but I might suggest some tips on how to play in the beginning. I know this is a demo, understandable, but can't wait for the full game to come. :)

Hi, thanks for the feedback and playing the demo gameplay :)

Hello! I wonder - how to contact you about this game by email? :)

Hello! here is my email address -

Love the game, but I'm most interested in the story... also, it's occasionally hard to tell when you're grabbing things XD

Hi JankyShenanigans! I really appreciate playing this game :) Will have update with new puzzles/polish + fixes based on feedbacks that I got so far around end of January.

Cool! Looking forward :)

Looks quite nice but I don't get it...

Hi, thanks for trying it out and putting up the video. Will have update end of January so hopefully it makes more sense on the puzzles :)

HI is Good game but the camera is fix i ll be not see all scene


Well I got lots of feedback about the fixed camera and actually not planning to let player control the camera instead I will put more "smart" camera movement. Let me know what you think!

hun i think if you use mouse it'll be mostly easy to navigate in the dream , thank :3


I played the demo too, looking forward to more puzzles, and more story reveals. Who is this girl? Is she a different part of the character? A 'messenger' of some sort? Many theories coming up. :)


Thanks again, Bossy Dream Girl !

Hey all. I am a new youtuber. I found Best Luck on itch this morning and i really liked its art style so i decided to give it a look. If you would like to watch my video playing it feel free to do so(Please watch the video at 720p for some odd reason after youtube finished processing the video its quality was really poor).

To the developers:

I know this is a really early version of the game so im going to give you the cons and pros of its current state.


-The game looks really pretty.

-The puzzles are really interesting and made me want to go on to see how much more interesting the next puzzle would be.

-The music gives the game a really nice feeling as you play it.

-Everything was well put together and made my experience all the more enjoyable


-The player controls need to be a little better. They feel sluggish and slow to respond making it annoying to move around.

-You can not move the camera around making it annoying to view where your going.

-There are currently no hints in the game to tell you how to play. This is understandable since the game is really early in its development so for now this is how you play.

W,A,S,D keys to move your player around, Space bar to interact with things like the doors and holding space bar will allow you to hold objects.

In my opinion the cons are only a minor set back i still found this game extremely enjoyable and i will keep an eye out on this game and play each new update that comes out.



I really appreciate your video on the youtube and feedback! I will let you know when I have more update on it.

Yeah man no problem. I love this game and i will be keeping an eye out on any other updates!

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